Live as if you were living a second time, and as though you had acted wrongly the first time.

Viktor E. Frankl

The person must stop hyper-reflexion - “I do not have to tolerate everything from myself” (Viktor E. Frankl).

Who flies my plane? (a metaphor of Elisabeth Lukas)

Body – plane body, soul – feelings, spirit – pilot.
I must not allow my feelings to fly my plane – I am a pilot.

Who rides my horse? Does my fury hold the reins? Do I feel like a victim?
It should not be this way! - We are masters of our feelings. A way out: to stop one's thoughts  - to be in here and now – to be able to perceive the meaning of the moment (what is meaningful now, necessary to do?) To ask one's conscience!

“What disturbs men’s minds is not events but their judgements on events.
So, when we face difficulties,
get restless or distressed,
we should not put the blame on somebody else,
but only on ourselves,
that is,
on our judgement of events.”
Epiktet (ancient philosopher, approx. 50/60 – 130)

Every minute decides what our life IS; thus, it is decided what once will have been! Time does not flow us by, on the contrary, we are managers – not victims – of our time! “To finish” is not our primary goal – our goal is rather to introduce, bring about, set something in motion, leave positive traces,..

What life issues occupy me the most at this moment? Do they strike the right chord in me? Am I still living or a little bit dead – caught in the repetition compulsion?

How can I act in harmony with reality again?

Paradise is not a place, but a mental attitude.
(N. Peseschkian, 1933 – 2010, Founder of Positive Psychotherapy)

One case, many cases?

A final impulse for professional helpers to reflect on:

One case, many cases.
From case to case we discuss
each case variously long.
The abandoned seek those helping up,
not to be defeated.
The fallen down stretch out towards
those lifting up
not to fall behind.
From case to case we also fall
into dark holes of helplessness when lacking ideas.
If we fall:
who and how speaks about us
as a case
who lifts us
in the case of a fall1?
[Dieter Lotz]

1 In German, a pun using words with stem „fall“: Fall – 1) case, 2) fall, fallen – to fall, Fallengelassener - abandoned, Hingefallener – fallen down, einfallslos – lacking ideas, falls – if, in case.