The more you try to be persuasive,
the more implausible you are.

Humberto Maturana

“Suicide is though fearless of death but scaring of life.”
(Viktor E. Frankl)

Mere facts can be eliminated if they are unsuitable, but the predestined task can be either fulfilled or not fulfilled, and both remain in the world – own achievement as well as own failure. It is in fact similar to a self-murderer who neither ever solves the problem nor eliminates the negative situation which burdens him, but always eliminates only himself from the world and leaves the unsolved – unsolved by him - problem and the negative burden in the world... It had to be accomplished but has never been.” (Lukas 1989, S 145 f)

Depressive reactions

“Suicidal fantasies are the last hope when all other means could not relieve the burden of loneliness.”
(Erich Fromm)

New cases of depression among young people between 15 and 25 (especially in the cities) bring us Frankl's ideas much closer: loss of inner supportive forces such as traditional values, cultural traditions, spiritual ideas – where material values gain too much significance and loneliness in a crowd evolves. The easier consumability through the media results in an increasing physical inactivity. The excess of pictures in the media does not encourage to own actions, it can hardly inspire for an activity. The perceptional life is sensational, it rushes from one highlight to the other, but the real life becomes poorer, monotonous, boring, meaningless. The seizing paralysing melancholy drags desires, feelings and thoughts into the depth. Suicidal intentions come out of the inner self. At first, they just scare, but afterwards these thoughts can seem to be the last and only way-out for depressive people of any age.

Permanent failures at school, the atmosphere of parents' divorce, the lack of chance to relieve one's heart do the rest in triggering suicidal actions. The concept of the presuicidal syndrome according to Erwin Ringel is true for young people as well as for adults (constriction: situational, dynamic, narrowing of the world of values and interpersonal relationships; restrained aggression directed towards oneself, suicidal fantasies).