The more you try to be persuasive,
the more implausible you are.

Humberto Maturana

What is needed now?
Firstly, what is needed today is an education cultivating resistance to meaningless submission to the diktat of the advertizing and consumer society. Secondly, it is required to teach and train the new modified perception of meaning. Thirdly, crucial is a dialogue culture giving free room to take a responsible stance, especially for adolescents and youths to feel their own personality and self-esteem. A young person experiences social belonging in a dialogic culture of conversation. Being taken seriously as a dialogue partner, he belongs to a greater whole and his feeling of exclusion and humiliation is reduced due to the feeling of being taken seriously.
It concerns not only hardly integrable foreign adolescents, but also natives forced out to the edge of the society. The shocking occurrence in Norway in the last weeks urges a completely new comprehensive view of the problem. Due to traumatizing exclusion and humiliation enhanced by drug or alcohol intoxication, native youngsters also tend to solve their problems in forceful acts.
Fourthly: meaning through values; tasks that facilitate and challenge

Using the main means “Dialogue with the young person”, it has to be taken into consideration that the helpers must present the contents, (something of) value as a vincible challenge for the decision of the young person. In the course of a dialogue, this leads to responsible and practicable tasks for the young person.

Thus, meaning can be found only through values that facilitate and challenge personal development and can and should be reasonably demanded. 

From the view of logotherapy and existential analysis, the problem of social exclusion and continuing humiliation experienced by people of any age but mostly by male adolescents lies in infringement of the fundamental value – DIGNITY – and hindrance or failing to facilitate the young persons' potential which results in a weak or negative self-esteem.

The central causes and prerequisites gaining its own dynamics in the origin of forceful acts are infringement of dignity and an underdeveloped self-esteem of young people due to weakening of the community feeling. This causes a hardly repairable loss of trust detrimental for the inner personality of the potential offender.