The more you try to be persuasive,
the more implausible you are.

Humberto Maturana

How can the planned EU project solve this problem?


1. Principle objective
The basic attitude of the young person should be linked in everyday actions with the meaningful objective “violence prevention” through socially integrating realization of meaning and personal encouragement. Thus, as a targeted side-effect, the causes of violence – social exclusion and humiliation with destruction of the basic value of dignity and self-esteem of a person – are immediately transformed into creative energy of meaning at the moment of social interaction.

How is it achieved in the project?

the inputs of the psychosocial environment do not have to be suppressed or restrained any more but they should be immediately transformed into meaning through spontaneous actions over the input-trigger with the help of non-verbal means (e.g., astonished friendly facial expression in a role play and at the same time instant verbal humorous remarks on the situation). To explain what they mean, the helpers preventively take the blame for possible misunderstandings upon themselves before culpable conduct becomes apparent – as a conscious paradoxical intention (a logotherapeutical method). The labile self of the potential offender should thus be kept open for rationally accessible emotionality to exclude aggressive provocations. The first intentional actions should already draw the potential offender to his own human potentials of meaning. The underlying attitude – in a figurative sense – a paradoxical one, implies that aggressive behavior patterns are linked to their actual meaning at the stage of their emergence as an input.

2. Project goals
A project goal is that potential victims train their perception where they can be threatened with a violence input before actual violence occurs to transform it immediately into a concrete spontaneous perception of meaning.