The more you try to be persuasive,
the more implausible you are.

Humberto Maturana

"There is nothing in the world, that could enable a human being so much to overcome outer embarrassments or inner afflictions, than: the consciousness of having a challenge in life.

Dr. V.Frankl"

in Ghetto Theresienstadt



The poetry of shaping one's own meaning becomes the melody of everyday life imparting the ease of existence to the efforts of the day and night.

Meaning is the experience and discovery – even despite and with the help of sometimes adverse circumstances.

Meaning is the kick, which releases and connects all the spiritual energies.

Meaning is the spiritual form of person which enables him not to surrender in any life situations and to achieve own goals with peaceful means to his content and for the benefit of others.

Meaning is the power to be sustainably healthy and successful at work, in business and private life.

Experience of meaning enables us to clearly and in advance recognize the border to the meaningless.

Understanding of meaning empowers us to seek goodness and beauty while observing the laws of logic and common sense.