A streaming life never runs dry.

Elisabeth Lukas

Research Institute ABILE West is a scientific and academic institute acting on the grounds of the meaning-oriented psychotherapy - Viktor E. Frankl's Logotherapy and Existential Analysis which explores effectiveness of meaning and shares its studies results by means of courses and lectures.

In specific scientific research projects representing the latest state of Psychology, Social Pedagogy, Neurobiology and Psychotherapy, existential fateful life fields of the contemporary person are studied for meaning and values to prevent threatening loss of meaning and the resulting loss of important and indispensable values.

The focus of our efforts lies on research and training projects on violence, suicide and addiction prevention. Another key activity area is preservation of occupational health and prevention of stress, burn-out and mobbing. Further projects in healthcare, education and social affairs are in preparation. The results are continuously documented and evaluated to be presented to the interested public.